What Exactly Is House Siding?


Whether you are new to the east coast or you have recently purchased your first home, you may have heard your friends, co-workers, or home inspector talk about siding. Siding or cladding is a crucial component to home construction that is meant to protect the home from the elements while providing for the aesthetics of the home. Siding is like a shield against the effects of weather, insulates the home, and sheds water. While siding can be typically installed over a variety of surfaces or wall types, it is not used on masonry veneer or solid brick walls.

There are many different types of siding available to the homeowner. Wood siding comes in a variety of styles. Shakes are made from bolts which are wooden blocks and have a less uniform appearance. While shingles are much thinner than shakes, shakes tend to last longer than shingles. Bevel siding otherwise known as clapboard is made by adjusting the boards to be thicker on one edge and thinner on the other. Board and Batten siding is a classic American style made of wide boards of pine or cedar. Engineered wood siding is comprised of sawdust and other bonding materials to create a product that is lightweight and cheaper than real wood. Split log siding, while a very beautiful option can also be very expensive and difficult to maintain. In order to avoid wind and rain intrusion, either style will require installation with overlapping joints by either a tongue and groove joint or a rabbet joint.

Stucco siding is one of the most popular forms of siding due to its low cost and various compositions which allows a homeowner to achieve various architectural styles. Stone siding is a durable material derived naturally from granite, slate, limestone or other stones. The natural appearance and ease of care make stone and highly desirable option for homeowners. Brick siding is popular for its durability, easy maintenance and appearance. It is not a structural wall but is typically applied to a wood frame. Metal siding is a modern building material, popular for their ease of use and is made of aluminum, zinc, copper or steel. Metal siding is one of the most durable materials on the market.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the type of siding to use. These include cost, water resistance, R-value rating for energy efficiency, aesthetics, durability of materials, and versatility. One should not be afraid to seek the advice of an exterior remodeling company in Annapolis, MD or your home city who can help explain the differences and costs involved. While picking the right siding may be difficult, it is one choice that will be take a house and make it a home.