We all must have healthy living by a habit of healthy eating. Juices are one of the healthiest beverages with lots of nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, incorporating juices in our diet is the best way of having vitamins. Apart from that, instead of consuming tetra packs or canned juices, it is best to consume fresh juice. They are healthier and comprise more nutritional value.

And, to take out fresh juice, it is important to have a juicer. Every household must buy a juicer. However, there are various types of juicers available in the market. Be it centrifugal juicer or cold press juicer, it becomes difficult to select any one. Therefore, you need to know about the pros and cons of the juicers so that you can get the maximum benefit out of it.

Well, you might or might not be aware of the benefits associated with various juicers. Here, in this piece of article, we will read about the cold press juicer and know the benefits associated with it. Read on further to know more about the cold press juicer.

Cold Press Juicer

Cold press juicer is also referred as “Masticating juicers.” This juicer works on the dual-stage juice extraction technique. In this procedure, the fruits and vegetables are crushed into tiny bits to extract the most juice out of it. Further, the juicer squeezes the pulp, as it passes through the auger shaft. Although this is a slow process of juice extraction, which might be 40 to 80 RPM, but is the most effective way of juice extraction. As due to this process, there is lesser oxidation because of less heat generation in the process. Thus, you get the prolonged shelf life of juice.

Pros of Cold Press Juicer:

Although masticating juicer is highly effective juicer, some of the pros to buy this juicer are mentioned below:

  • It yields more amount of juice.
  • This juicer retains the maximum nutrients of the fruits and vegetables.
  • It does not produce heat. Thus, in turn oxidation of juice does not take place.

Cons of Cold Press Juicer:

Nevertheless, many benefits are associated with the cold press juicer, but it also has some drawbacks. However, if you can deal with them, then it is not a big deal and you can go for it. Here are some of the cons of the juicer:

  • It takes longer time in extracting juice out of it.
  • It is heavyweight in comparison to other juicers.
  • Take more time in cutting and preparing fruits and vegetables to fit in chute.

Benefits of Cold Press Juicer

There are many benefits associated with the cold press juicer, as it gradually applies pressure, crushes, and get a fine mix of pulp to extract juice from the fresh fruits as well as the vegetables. Moreover, it retains the essential nutritional value, as in the process it does not produce heat and maintain the vitamins and nutrients of the fruits. Besides, it is effective even in extracting juice of leafy vegetables. Some of the major benefits of cold press juicer are following:

  • Give Maximum Nutrition: It gently extracts natural vitamins, mineral traces, sugar content, enzymes, and other crucial components. As there is less heat generation in the process, the original and natural nutrients are preserved.
  • No High Temperatures and heat generation: Raw juices retain its nutrients and are not pasteurized at high temperature.
  • No oxidation and long-lasting freshness: Due to minimize exposure to air, slow oxidation process of the raw fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the shelf life of juice is around 21 days in refrigerator.

Therefore, with so many benefits, it is a wise decision to buy a cold press juicer.