Three Reasons to Garden with Your Kids

a 2 year old toddler gardening with watering can

You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions already, but did you think to add gardening to the list? If it didn’t cross your mind in addition to eating healthier, joining the gym and going 4 days a week, and getting your budget on track, you should rethink your resolution making skills. Gardening is a wonderful pastime, and it’s also something you can do with your kids. It’s healthy, it’s fun, and it gives you all a reason to spend more time together enjoying the little things in life that mean the most.

Gardening is Healthy

Did you know gardening is good for your health and the health of your kids? When you play in the dirt, you help make your immune system stronger. That means you spend less time suffering from the illness caused by germs. You also spend less time feeling under the weather when you do end up sick. Gardening also helps you get your daily recommended intake of Vitamin D thanks to all that time you’re spending in the sun.

Above all else, however, gardening is a wonderful way for you to get a little exercise and to teach your kids to do the same. You’re working your arms and legs by digging, planting, and getting up and down. It’s great for your muscles, and it helps you grow stronger just like your garden.

Gardening Teaches Responsibility

If you want your kids to learn the art of being responsible, gardening is a wonderful way to just that. You help your kids learn how to take care of something living. They learn to care for something, to feed it, to check on it, to keep it growing. It also makes them proud when they have a chance to eat something they grew for dinner or when they get to pick their flowers and put them in a vase for you. It’s a sweet responsibility, and it teaches valuable life lessons.

Your Garden is Inexpensive Family Fun

Gardening really doesn’t require a lot of tools, and it really doesn’t require a lot of expensive tools. You can use your kid’s wagons to haul your plants and the items you pick back and forth, and then you get to use it again later to take a fun walk down the street. What is better than an activity that allows you to use what you already have at home to help you with that as well as some good old-fashioned family fun?

Knowing that gardening is fun and inexpensive is great. You can use a lot of what comes out of your kitchen as seeds to plant, and you get to save a little money at the store by growing your own herbs, vegetables, and even your own fruit. That’s something special, and it’s something your kids will really enjoy.

Gardening has the potential to be about so much more than just landscaping your lawn. It’s a teaching tool. The lessons your kids learn in the garden will stick with them the rest of their lives. They can apply those life lessons in school, at work, and even with their own families one day.

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