What You Should Know Before Your Hire a Skip


When people have not previously hired a skip, they think the process is simple. All they need to do is contact the skip hire company and tell the service they need a skip. However, they also have to consider the waste and the size of the skip.

Carefully Consider the Size of the Skip

Skips come in various sizes so you need to ensure you order the correct size. If the skip is too small, you will end up paying more money, as you will need to order another skip. On the other hand, you can also pay too much money if you hire a skip that is too big.

What Is the Nature of the Waste?

Before you pick up the phone and hire a skip, you need to review the sizes of skips. Think about the nature of your project. Are you clearing your yard of debris or are you involved in a renovation? Next, consider the waste. What will you be disposing? Some types of debris take up more space than others. For example, the debris from a construction project is much greater that the waste from a garden.

Mini Skips

Many homeowners like mini skips because they make domestic clean-ups easy. These skips are four cubic yards in size and are ideal for small renovation projects or garden clearances. They can also be used for kitchen or bathroom refits.

Do You Need to Remove Concrete?

Skips that are slightly larger, or 6 cubic yards in size, are designed for bulky waste, such as rubble, concrete, and soil. This type of skip can also carry a sizeable amount of domestic waste. These H2 builder skips are often recommended for driveway refurbishments, house clearances, or large gardening projects.

An 8 cubic yard builder’s skip from a skip hire service in London is made for the same reason as a 6 cubic yard skip. You just need to order this skip if you have a larger amount of waste. It is the largest skip available for inert and heavy waste. Use the skip if you know you will be disposing of a large quantity of garden or domestic waste. This skip is designed for large house clearances as well.

The Largest of the Skips

Large skips come in 12 cubic yard and 16 cubic yard sizes too. If you need the smaller of the two skips, you will find the bin is an ideal choice for disposing of waste materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. These skips are often used for community renovations or for building remodels and clearances.

The 16 cubic yard skip is the skip you need to use for bulky and large construction waste. Use the skip to haul away debris from retail shop re-fittings or clearances. The bin can also be used for major refurbishments, or massive building clearances.