Everything You Should Know About Sliding Doors


Many people dream of being able to look at their gardens and surrounding areas with uninterrupted views, but it has always been impossible to do this. However the opposite is now true and homeowners can see their gardens, patio areas and driveways because of the introduction of glass sliding doors into their homes. Due to the frames for sliding doors being much thinner than conventional doors, their popularity is rising.

Ease Of Movement.

Sliding doors are becoming more prominent now in new builds and homeowners of older properties are now refitting their home with these kinds of doors. They offer real smooth opening and advanced runner systems that allow you to open the door and slide it along with just one finger.Amazing! These doors allow us to be closer to nature as we look out onto our gardens or patios. However, what should you look for when you are installing a new extension or upgrading your doors with external sliding doors. Please read on to find some very useful tips and ideas.

Neat And Tidy.

First of all, why choose sliding doors over many other options available to you. If you compare them with bi-folds, which divide the glass a number of times and needed to be stacked when open, sliding doors are much neater and tidier. It has been suggested that if you have more than four metres in width to cover, then sliding doors are most likely your best option.

Custom Made.

The size of your sliding door is another consideration you need to think about. Widths range from 0.8 metres to 3 metres and anything in between. You can get your sliding doors, custom made if required, but the height will affect your choices. If you choose to have tall glass, then you have to sacrifice width. You also need to think about the weight of your sliding doors. The heavier they are, the more difficult they will be to open. It is suggested that any doors weighing over six hundred kilograms should have an automated opening system fitted.

Different Materials.

There are a number of materials to use with composite and aluminium being the most popular. The composite sliding door employs a really easy lift and slide mechanism and is available in softwood, meranti and oak that incorporate an aluminium facing and many colours are available. The aluminium sliding doors have really slim sightlines and come in kustomslide mono, plus and euroslide, all of them complimenting your home from every angle.

Easy Maintenance.

If you choose wood as your material then it can be stained or painted in a choice of colours. Aluminium comes with powder coating which is really easy to take care of and there are many colours to choose from. Black and dark grey are currently very popular and cleaning them involves just using a cloth and giving them a wipe. Easy! To keep your doors, sliding smoothly, it is crucial that there is no transfer of weight from the walls to the door frame. It is recommended that you use a steel support frame for those wider openings.

Buying and installing sliding doors has never been more popular and it’s easy. They are affordable, provide uninterrupted views of your whole property and glide effortlessly with the touch of a finger. Go and have a look at some sliding doors today.


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