Have You Checked the Health of Your Gas Boiler Lately?


We depend on our gas boilers to keep us warm in the winter time and to keep our water running hot. It is our gas boilers that allow us to have hot showers on those freezing cold mornings! The problem is that gas boilers do need servicing and repair once in a while. Inevitably, old boilers will also break down and it is good to watch out for the signs of a boiler that is on the way out.

The Signs of a Bad Boiler

The fact is that no one really wants to find out that he or she has a broken-down boiler because he or she is having a cold shower. So it’s a good idea to have some basic knowledge of what to look for. Just a few visual inspections a year could save a real headache.

Here are some indications that you might need to look for a new gas boiler in West London:

  • Water Leaks: One of the first signs that a boiler might need some serious repairs or replacement is leaks and drips. If you do a visual inspection of your boiler and notice pools of water or leaks, it’s a good idea to call an expert as soon as possible.
  • Gas Leaks: Water leaks are one thing but gas leaking is on a different level! Gas naturally has no smell but hydrogen sulphide is added to it so that we can detect a gas leak. If you smell rotten eggs around your boiler and in other parts of your home, don’t wait to call out an emergency plumber!
  • Noises: There are lots of different models of gas boiler on the market but they all generally make some noise when in operation. If you notice strange noises coming from the boiler, especially when hot water or heating is in use, it could mean that it is malfunctioning or otherwise struggling to do its job.
  • Inefficient: A gas boiler should be able to heat up water pretty quickly if it is in good shape. If your gas boiler seems to heat water up slowly, it could be time for a new boiler or a repair at the very least.

When Your Gas Boiler Needs to Be Replaced

Boiler technology has improved over the years and many homeowners find that their old boilers are simply not as efficient. One sign that you need to have a new boiler installed is if your current boiler needs frequent repairs.

Rather than invest in your old gas boiler, why not have a new one installed instead? New boilers are generally more energy efficient and do a better job. They will also be easier to get replacement parts for.