Best Pool Additions


You’ve had your pool for a while now and got bored with it, so you want a change. Or you’re just about to build a pool and need to decide on the design? In either case, there are many options for making your pool perfectly adjusted to your needs and way well of life, and also making it look perfect. Be careful to always work with the best companies around, like

Depending on the primary reason you want a pool or want to change it, as well as depending on your family and financial situation, there are numerous additions you can choose. From those which are super fun and exciting for kids, to those which are really practical, here are a few most popular ones.

Water Slides

Let’s start with the thing that’s obviously most fun. It’s ideal if you have children or pets, but even if you don’t, why notprovide yourself with some extra fun and joy in the summer. You’ll have a feeling you’ve got your own waterpark in your backyard. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes, from the ones with a super quick drop, to those which offer a slightly longer and smoother ride with more curves and gentler drop.

The most important thing about water slides, however, is that the water has to be deep enough in the place where they drop, otherwise they would be very unsafe. That’s why it’s the best to actually hire qualifiedpool remodeling professionals to install this exciting new feature to your pool.

Built In Spa, Spa Jets and Jet Swim

Now, let’s slow down a little and relax. If you’re not exactly a thrill seeker and prefer to relax in the water, or simply need a counterpart to all the excitement of water slides, thebuilt-in spa is the right thing for you. After the cooling in your pool during the hot days, you can enjoy the relaxing warm spas during the night.

What’s more, if you have back problems, or simply enjoy the hydro massage, spa jets are also a good option. They can be really helpful and incredibly relaxing. The effect they create is similar to thespa, and besides simply providing pleasure, they can also be good for your health.

Speaking of health, if you wish to use your pool for training and exercising, but it simply isn’t big enough, you can try installing jet swim system. Swimming against the jets you’ll be able to get some serious swimming exercise, despite the limited space.

Tanning Ledge and Additional Seating

If getting a good tan is more important to you than getting a good exercise, then you shouldn’t miss installing the tanning ledge. It should be an ideal spot for catching the sun, with shallow, consistent depth. Besides enabling you to bask in the sun, it can also be a safe playground for younger children, or simply a place to chill with your friends.

But in case you need more lounge space since you have a big family and a lot of friends, it’s good to have enough seating places. In that way, you’ll make sure everyone has sufficient space and avoid overcrowding. Long benches or wrap around seats can be a good option.

Auto Cover

This is personally my favorite addition. It’s not too much fun, but it’s so convenient, and can actually save you a lot of time and money you’d spend on pool maintenance as it prevents leaves and debris from getting in. It’s really stylish and practical. The cover will also help you improve the heating options. And once you don’t need it anymore, you can automatically make it disappear and fully enjoy the open sky.


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