5 More than Smart Ways to Make Great Use of Your Kitchen’s Real Estate


The holy kitchen, that area where we spend so much time preparing the great healthy and tasty food and drinks that we must consume on a daily basis. Let’s have a little peek at how upgrading our kitchens, can hugely increase their value.

1 – First Impressions Make the Most Impact

It doesn’t really matter how great the interior of your home looks, buyers will have already partially judged your home prior to walking in the door.

  • You will never get a second shot at making a great first impression.

It’s vital to make anyone feel warm, welcome and safe as they approach your home. The very same goes for every room in your home, and especially the sanctuary of the kitchen. After all, this is where food is prepared to eat, and in most cases where it is eaten also. So, a clean and classy looking kitchen is naturally of importance to the image of any home if you wish to sell some time later on.

2 – Kitchen First

You’re not really selling your home, you’re selling your kitchen – that’s the level of importance here! The advantages of renovating your kitchen are limitless, and the great news is that you’ll more than likely get 85% of your money back. Designer Kitchen Direct are specialists who can provide everything and more which you are looking for in custom kitchen design.

  • Try using a bit of reverse psychology and imagine if you are entering a home with a really cool looking kitchen – what would you think?

3 – The Floor

Today, wood is popular and certainly enhances the ambience of any kitchen to the eye of a potential buyer. Floors are certainly one other major viewing point which buyers out there will be looking for  when they’re busy house shopping, and it will easily help to increase the value of your kitchen.

4 – Lighting Upgrade

Lighting is a major feature in generating an open and inviting space which possible buyers will adore. You can start by removing any dim lights and change for new brighter ones. Also, make sure that the lights you currently have are still in style, otherwise, invest in current day lighting style fixtures which will have an appeal in today’s housing market.

  • You can also try adding some subtle, under the cabinet lighting for a quick fix, which will help to improve the atmosphere of your kitchen.

5 – Limited Budget

Should money be somewhat limited, you should at least try to spend it on a part of the kitchen which stands out. A nice new double sink and perhaps one or two fancy stainless steel appliances, might be a good idea.

  • When people see a new, clean washing area, it symbolically relates to good hygiene.

Whereas the high-end appliances create a better visual impact of the kitchen, and people will then think that your other apps are the same.

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