4 Things to Ask a Drainage Specialist About Cleaning


Blocked drains and gutters can be a disaster, especially if it happens in commercial premises, apartment blocks or a housing complex which runs off the same drainage system. Having your public toilets overflowing is not something you’d like visitors or staff members to see during business hours, so it is vital to recognise some of the main warning signs.

The water isn’t draining properly, is that an issue?

If you flush your toilets or observe the sink when the water is running down the pipes and it is slow to do so, this may indicate that you have a blockage in your drains. Water should go down easily once you pull the plug on a sink or flush the lavatory. Slow drains are a tell-tale sign that your pipes are experiencing some sort of issue and the water isn’t being allowed to flow freely through the system. A build up or blockage can be cause by several factors including food, hair or an accumulation of other kinds of compounds. If you witness slow drain, you should contact a professional company immediately, if you’re located in Kent, London or East Sussex, 3 Flow Drainage is on hand to resolve all kinds of drainage issues, dealing in areas such as replacement, and repair work.

There is a foul odour coming from my drainage system, do I need a service?

If there is a smell coming from your sink, drains or any other fixtures relating to your drainage system, it is time to contact a professional and have them come and assess your problem. Your drainage system shouldn’t be emitting any kind of bad odour, so it is best to call out a specialist to see what is causing the smell. An experienced contractor will be able to detect what is causing the foul stench and take steps to resolve the issue.

What kind of tools will you use to fix the problem?

A lot of the time, fancy tools aren’t needed to fix a blockage or build up of soap scum, if you see a drainage expert using a coat hanger instead of some industry recommended tool, don’t worry, they know what they are doing. Any experienced drainage expert will tell you that every task is unique and anything from baking soda to an old wire hanger can be used to dislodge a blockage, it all depends on the circumstance.

Do I require regular professional maintenance?

An honest contract won’t tell you to get require maintenance if you don’t require it, if you don’t understand what they were talking about while attending to your drains, do some research online and find out more information on the subject.

The information above is just a small sample of some of the questions you might want to ask your local drainage specialist about cleaning your drains and when to avail of their services. It is important to keep a close eye on your system and recognise some of the warning signs. Always hire a reputable organisation to service your property.