2018 Trends for Home Makeover This Holiday Season


The cool breeze has already set in and with it comes the air of festivity and merriment. The holiday season is just knocking at the door. It’s now the time to brush up our homes to welcome the Christmas & New Year celebrations ahead. Are you gearing up for a home makeover soon? That’s cool. A beautifully remodeled home is sure to render new edge to your holiday parties. To make things easier for you, here goes a brief on the 2018 trends for home improvement.

  1. Pink is the favorite

The interior space is kind of engrossed with pink of late. Rose quartz stands out as the go-to color for home improvement in 2018. It’s a soft tint of pink which will bring a soothing comfy glow to your overall home. If you don’t want to change the wall colors altogether, you can at least incorporate pink in your accessories and textiles.

Grey is another dominant choice when it comes to the colors for 2018. Dark green is also a strong contender.

  1. Geometric patterns

Geometric styles sport a subtle unique panache that has kept the interior experts hooked into them for quite some time now. Come 2018, these edgy patterns are all set to dominate the home remodeling scene. From wallpaper to backsplash to  the wall arts to even your bedding- there are numerous places to incorporate the geometric patterns. However, you don’t necessarily need to feature the specific style in every room. As per the designers, geometric patterns are wonderful to grace the accent walls of living rooms.

  1. Marble has made a comeback

A timeless favorite, marble is once again back to the latest home improvement scene in full glory. The coming year beckons a widespread use of the elegant stone throughout the home. Added to countertops, you can also have marble for your walls, floors, powder rooms, shower interior etc.

  1. Earthen touch

With lives getting excessively tech-bound, interior designers are increasingly focusing on adding earthen touches to modern homes. It could be as simple as getting a lovely indoor plant for your living and drawing spaces. The motto is to keep us close to the nature.

Wooden furnishing also duly complements the desired earthen feel at homes today. However, there has been a major shift from blonde woods to dark woods to accentuate the earthy feel. Walnut, rosewood and even black wood are the popular picks for wooden furniture in 2018.

However, if you are planning to get new furniture for your home this time, it’s advised to install corner bumpers on your walls. It’s especially important when you have narrow hallways and stairs. You certainly don’t want a ding or dent on your newly-painted wall while moving in with your furniture.

  1. Metallics are making their way

The coming year will also experience a generous use of metallics in the home improvement scene. Wood & metallics make an amazing contrast. So, if you are planning wooden tables, pair thyem up with artsy metallic trays or other accesories. A metal side table is also a good idea. Then, you can always have metallic accents on your wall. How about gorgeous metallic elements painted on fabric? Now, that’s going to be a great conversation starter at your holiday parties.

Copper is the most popular for metallic accents of late. Brass is a close second. Designers have also predicted return of silver metallics big time.

  1. Typography is in

Typography-based designs are the most “in” thing for home goods & interior decoration in recent times. Instead of pictures or patterns, the focus is more on words. The market is flooded with framed arts, pillows, cushion covers and bed covers featuring written words. Mostly, these are inspiring verses or phrases to motivate you towards a happy healthy living. The new trend carries a refreshing aura and offers something new to look up to over regular prints & patterns.

Home remodeling is an overwhelming affair. You must plan ahead to ensure a discipline and organized home improvement program. Home renovation is not something that you do every year. Thus, you must be very careful about premium materials and top notch vendors and suppliers.